5 Practical Tips To Sorting Out A Late Loved One’s Estate

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When a loved one passes away, most of us need some time to process the change before we can go on living life the way we once did. Besides the grieving, there are many responsibilities that fall onto the shoulders of those one leaves behind after their death. Planning the funeral service is difficult enough; even after the ceremony, there’s still paperwork to be completed and Last Wills to be carried out.

If you find yourself with the responsibility of clearing out a late loved one’s estate, it’s important to get the job done promptly. The process can be difficult—especially if you were very close with the deceased person—but leaving a home uncared for can cause a bigger hassle for you later on.

Sorting out a late loved one’s estate is a difficult but necessary part of saying goodbye. To make it easier, we’ve put together a brief list of tips that can help. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Make Plans Early On

Creating a timeline of things you have to complete during the process will give you a sense of organization during times of distress. This is important when you have a sale of the home or a new settlement plan looming closer on the horizon, as these can be extra stressful to get work done on a whim. Allocate at least a day and a half per room of the house for a deep clean, as some rooms may have accumulated a lot of dirt and junk throughout the years.

2. Locate The Important Documents And Store Them Safely

Whether they be bank statements, written wills, insurance policies, paperwork of assets the deceased owned, or and other documents that are important, make sure you separate and store them away safely. These will be essential for solicitors, especially when it comes to legal and financial matters on the estate, as well as in determining who gets what.

3. Let Family Members Choose What They Want And Remove The Rest

If the deceased had items that some of the family members want, provided these were not on the will, they can choose what they want to keep as a remembrance. Give this process a day or two so that family members can get what they want to keep, and then dispose of the rest with the assistance of a garbage removal service like All Trash Oz.

4. Use Methodical Sorting & Organise The Removal Of Excess Items

The easiest way to tackle an estate full of items is to set up three areas to sort items. The first is for rubbish to be removed by a garbage removal service, the second is for items that are usable by charity, and the third is for items to sell for profit. Do this for each room of the house and you’ll be done in no time.

Once all these items have been collected and sorted from the rooms, have second-hand shops go in first to determine what items can still be sold. Then, whatever cannot be sold but are still in relatively good condition should be placed in a pile to be given away. The last segment includes items that are in horrible condition and practically unusable, which go into the rubbish pile for disposal.

5. Ask A Professional For Assistance

Clearing the estate of a deceased loved one to be put up for sale or settlement can be overwhelming and difficult. This is where a disposal service can be of assistance. With the ability to tell what is rubbish and what can still be viable for sale, a professional garbage disposal service like All Trash Oz can be of assistance.


Clearing an estate can be a daunting task depending on how large the property is and how many things were accumulated throughout the years. Hauling all the rubbish to your local disposal centre may take a long time, which is why you will want to hire the service of a professional garbage disposal company.

If you’ve already sifted through everything that needs to be bequeathed, stored, or sold, all that’s left is clearing out the rest. All Trash Oz can help with that. As the premium rubbish removal company in Sydney, we can get rid of the rubbish and clean up the rest as quickly as possible. As a fully insured ISO-compliant company, you can rest assured knowing that we can get things done right. Contact us to learn more about what we do and how we can help you!



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