Rubbish Removal 101 – Cleaning Out A Relatives Deceased Estate

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Dealing with a death in the family is already a difficult task to handle. Disposing of their estate is another massive job to deal with. Seeing their items again is like reliving memories you can never have back.

It’s a bittersweet experience to go through—you’ll feel grateful with all the nostalgia but the feeling of pain is also inescapable with each flashback. What’s more, all the emotions make it difficult to decide what items and memorabilia to keep or dispose of.


House Clearance for Deceased Loved Ones: What to Do

If you’re in this tough situation, we’ll help you get started. Here are the items you’d eventually need to remove from the deceased’s property. Start with these four first and deal with the rest later on.

1. Let go of the hazardous items

Any harmful items containing chemicals and medicines should be removed from the residence immediately, especially if there is no one else residing in the property.

Firstly, it could cause danger to people within the premises. Secondly, they won’t be of any value to you to keep. All hazardous items should be kept away and thrown by a professional rubbish removal service—they would know how to dispose of life-threatening things properly and without issue.

2. Remove old furniture and carpet

If you’re planning to put the property on sale, you’ll eventually need to get rid of all the furniture pieces, including the carpet. Separate the items you can reuse, resell, or donate to a charity. At the same time, you can already discard the worn-out furniture pieces.

Leaving old and outdated furniture or carpet in a house can decline its property value and aesthetic appearance. Keep the property clean and tidy, and ready for buyers—if you can.

However, taking out bulky items might be difficult for you, so hiring a professional removal service can help make the carpet and furniture disposal a faster job to accomplish.

3. Throw away gadgets and electronics

Another kind of item you’ll find in a deceased’s estate are appliances and other types of electronics. You can list the functioning, presentable, and usable items for sale or have it recycled at recycling facilities. Regardless of what you decide to do with them, they need to be removed from the property—just like the old furniture and floorings—to make way for any potential buyers.

4. Remove old mattresses

Even if the bed mattresses they have are still on top quality, very few people want to reuse a bed mattress that you aren’t sure about the condition of. Aside from the that, getting rid of these are also for hygienic purposes. Old mattresses can be hives of pests and bacteria, which is why it’s better dropped off at a disposal facility if you aren’t planning on using it.


Other Things You Can Do

Here are the other things you can do after getting rid of the four items listed above.


  • Clean up the backyard and garden

Now that no one will take care of the property, expect that bushes and weeds will grow and take over the garden. You need to maintain the backyard and patio of the property to keep it safe and appealing for potential buyers.

Do some regular bush clipping, tree trimming, and weed removal. You will also need to clean up the garden shed, the side passages, and the whole backyard.


  • Clean up the garage and outdoor

You should also not miss out on maintaining and cleaning the garage. All parts of the house should be ready for use. Pressure wash all areas of the garage.

If possible, include the verandas, the walkways, the shed’s floor, and the entire driveway in your power washing efforts.



The disposal of a deceased loved one’s estate will never be an easy job, especially for the family members. Know that there are professional rubbish removal services to help you handle the situation. They can provide you with expert solutions to remove unwanted items and clean up your loved one’s place.

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