If you’re looking for furniture removal in Sydney, you may be presented with a selection of contractors. However, you need to choose carefully if you want to ensure that all of your old furniture is handled as part of a proper approach to waste removal. Make sure that you check out the credentials of each company, ensure that they are experienced, have a good reputation and know-how to handle items of bulky furniture. At All Trash Oz, we know that we can tick all of those boxes for you and manage your needs professionally and expeditiously – all for a good price. Check out some of our frequently asked questions below for further information.

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Furniture Removal Sydney

What’s the Best Way for Me to Get Rid of My Old Couch?

If you’ve worn out your current sofa and are in the market for a new one, you will want to know what to do with the outgoing item. Certainly, you can arrange for the local council to take it, but this will be according to their timetable and not yours. Further, the council will only pick it up from the street so you will have to manhandle it yourself and get somebody to help you. You will be much better off getting All Trash Oz to do this for you. We will pick up the sofa from within your property according to your schedule and take it to a proper recycling facility to be processed.

Can My Old Sofa Be Recycled?

Even though your sofa may not be usable anymore, it can still represent value in the recycling market. However, it takes some effort and know-how to separate all the parts, and it can be a messy job. We specialise in furniture removal and will handle all of this for you. We will disassemble the sofa and make sure that each part goes to the proper recycling facility.

What about the Old, Broken Furniture in My Garage?

You may have been storing this broken furniture for some time as you did not know what to do with it. Maybe it contains untreated wood, and you know that a recycling centre may reject this. At All Trash Oz, we have a plan, however. We will disassemble the bulky old furniture and transport it to the right facility based on the condition of the wood.

Why Should I Choose You?

We have a lot of experience in furniture pickup removal and are a member of the Waste Contractors and Recyclers Association. Our team is also ISO Compliant, which means that we follow strict standards within our industry here in Australia. Don’t forget that we have been servicing this part of NSW for more than a decade, so you can put your trust in us.

Do I Really Need a Licensed Removal Company?

Always remember that you are ultimately responsible for the disposal of any old furniture and have to be confident that this will be done properly when you choose a contractor. Some “one-man bands” may promise you the earth but may end up illegally dumping your old sofa. If it’s traced back to you, you could be liable to pay a fine. It’s far better to use a licensed company like All Trash Oz instead.

Where Do You Operate?

We provide our services to people who live in the greater Sydney, NSW area. This includes the CBD, the Inner West, North Shore and Eastern Suburbs.

Will You Show up on Time?

We understand how valuable your time is, and we guarantee that we will show up at the time that we agree between us. Further, we will get in touch with you 30 minutes before we are due to show up to confirm our arrival.

Do You Always Recycle Old Furniture?

We strive to recycle whenever and wherever possible as we are strong supporters of the environment. However, there may be some situations where this is impossible or impractical. This may be based on the condition of the item, whether it is contaminated or not or may have been infested by bugs of some kind.

Will You Disassemble Bulky Items or Am I Responsible for Doing This?

When you arrange to book our services, we will discuss what items you want us to take care of, and we can disassemble anything for you when we arrive.

Do You Bring All Your Equipment with You?

You don’t need to worry about any equipment as we will bring the tools necessary to disassemble any furniture and everything we need to move the bulky items.

How Do You Arrive at a Price?

When you first get in touch with us, we will ask you for your location, together with the details and condition of the furniture items you would like us to remove. We will then come up with a competitive quote for your consideration.

Is Your Business Recognised?

In addition to our long-standing membership of the Waste Contractors and Recyclers Association of NSW, we are proud to have been a back-to-back winner of the St George Business Awards in both 2017 and 2018. We were also a finalist for two years running in the Australian Small Business Champions Awards. We believe that this is a recognition of our commitment to excellence in the community.

Do You Provide Other Services?

Yes. In addition to furniture removal, we can also help you with general rubbish removal, commercial or industrial waste removal, and demolition.

Working Hard for You

At All Trash Oz, we’ve been working hard to create a brand-new image for the furniture removal industry. We make sure that all of our staff are licensed and bonded and take great pride in the appearance of our modern fleet of trucks. Furthermore, we always make sure that we are upfront and fair in our pricing so you always have a good experience and know where to turn for your furniture removal.

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