Rubbish Removal Kensington

Got some trash in Kensington that you want to get rid of in the cheapest rates and that too with convenience and quick services?

All Trash OZ, one of the finest trash collection firms of Sydney is here to offer you its extremely popular rubbish removal packages in Kensington.

Too much trash? breathe, and give us a call at 0400 061 061

our team will be there in no time to collect your Trash

We take all kinds of rubbish items which includes:

  • Garden & Green Waste

We remove your garden waste in such a way that it does not affect the environment or endanger the natural habitat. We recognize the need to keep the environment clean and so we work while keeping the environmental fundamentals in our mind. Do you have a ton of Garden and Green Waste? Call us and we will be your best friends!

  • House Hold Rubbish

We take old appliances, toys, day-to-day junk, and other general rubbish. We make sure to keep your house trash free and clean before leaving the property.

  • Construction Rubbish

Construction rubbish is an obstacle in constructing a building because it lies around the place creating a lot of disturbance among workers. This results in extended period of construction time, increasing your costs. If you want rubbish removal experts who can clean your place off all the trash without affecting your construction processes, our teams are the best ones in Kensington. We can tackle these situations with ease and without taking much of your time while remove any kind of building or construction waste.

Other than the above listed services, we also perform Junk Removals, Residential Waste Removal, Office Rubbish, electronics, furniture, and more.

Why choose us in Kensington?


All Trash OZ team has one of the most dedicated squads in Kensington. Our teams have many qualities like respectability, professionalism, expertise, and competence. These characters make them the best professionals in the area and our firm, the best rubbish removal company in Kensington. Our guys will be at your doorstep just after you call us at 0400 061 061. You can call us any time any day because we offer our services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Moreover, we have the longest experience of 10 years in rubbish removal industry, which is far greater than any other firm in the locality.

We eliminate your stress by removing the mess – call us!

Cheapest rates

We value your money and this is why we provide the cheapest rates in Kensington when compared to other firms in your area. But mind it, our cheapest rates don’t reflect in our quality of work in anyway, which is always up to the mark. Our motive is 100 percent customer satisfaction, not earning large amount of profits.

For contacting us…

Feel free to contact us at 0400 061 061 or e-mail us at anytime, any day. We are open 24/7 and offer our rubbish removal services anywhere in Kensington. Our team will be at your doorstep at the time you require our services.