Rubbish Removal Sydney Prices

Could as much as 80 percent of your rubbish be recycled? Many property owners are surprised when they hear the answer “yes”. They are even more surprised at their quote when the recyclable calculation of their rubbish is taken into consideration. Building waste is often recyclable waste and something that is never ignored at All Trash Oz.

Whether demolition or construction cleanup, the experts are here to do that for you. Waste is our business and one that benefits you as our customer. All Trash OZ has the reputation that excels within the industry. Not just getting the job done properly but getting it done right at minimal costs.

Waste removal fees vary dependant on the type of service required and volume.

Fees to factor within costs include

  • Location and accessibility to remove
  • Labour charges – Half an hour provided free of charge applicable fees apply after this time
  • Type of waste involved and whether it is mixed/contaminated
  • Amount of waste charged per cubic metre


Please see below value guide as estimated rates




Waste Type $ per cubic metre
General Mixed (non putrescible)
Household Furniture, appliances clothes etc 90-110
Building & Demo Waste
Light Materials – Up to 150kg per cube 110-120
Medium materials – Up to 300kg per cube 180-190
Clean Heavy
Must only contain brick, concreate, sand, fines, soil and asphalt 220-240
Recyclable Material
Mixed brick & concreate 150
Green / Garden Waste no stumps 80-90
Cardboard Clean (non-contaminated) 80
Clean scrap metal (non-contaminated) 80-100
Bulka / Skip Bags
Light Materials – Up to 150kg per cube 120-150
Medium Materials – Up to 300kg per cube 150-200
Heavy Materials – Up to 600kg per cube 200-250
Polystyrene 420
Stumps (over 0.5m in any directions) 80 per stump
Mattresses 100 per item
Tyres TBA
Batteries 5$ per item



Additional factors that affect waste removal pricing

  • Age of building/heritage
  • Type of debris
  • Protection required
  • Contaminated waste present

Rubbish removal prices from real customers

Brandon from Surry Hills: Garden Waste Removal
Job description: Removal of garden waste from property; one trailer load

Margaret from Cronulla: Household Rubbish Removal
Job details: Removal of three tables, four timber chairs & a cupboard;

Tim from Sydney CBD: Mixed Rubbish Removal
Job details: Removal of mixed household rubbish, including green waste, from property

Joshua from Penrith: Brick and Concrete Removal
Job details: Removal of brick and concrete from driveway; approx. 3 tonnes



Determining factors that affect cost

Location and accessibility

Location and accessibility has direct affect to job costing as time is one of the biggest factors that affects pricing. The closer we can get our vehicles to the waste and the easier the access is, the cheaper the price will be as this reduces time.



We try our best to minimise our labour charges through correct use of machinery and tools when possible. We provide half an hour free labour to also assist in lowering overall cost!



Type of Waste

There are several types of waste within the industry that you may need for removal. These may be on their own, or sometimes mixed together. To reduce prices as much as we can, when mixed waste is involved, we average the price so you aren’t paying for the materials with a higher fee.

We separate our waste into four main streams; Household, Building and Demolition Waste, Clean Heavy and recyclable materials.

Household – may include items such as furniture, appliances, clothes

Building and Demolition Waste – may include items such as broken gyprock, glass, doors, tiles, brick and concrete

Clean Heavy – must only contain brick, concrete, sand, fines, soil and asphalt

Recyclable Materials – items that are recyclable and non-contaminated, for instance, brick and concrete, green/garden waste, cardboard and scrap metal


We can provide 1 cubic meter skip/bulk bags for you to take your time and fill up yourselves. Our experts can then come and load them into our trucks for disposal using our crane. This reduces labor costs and provides flexibility of your clean up! If you supply your own skip/bags we are still able to come to collect them off your hands for disposal.

There are three weight categories for pricing regarding 1 cubic meter skip/bulk bags as below

  • Light materials – Up to 150kgs $120-150
  • Medium materials – Up to 300kgs $150-200
  • Heavy materials – Up to 600kgs $200-250

Contaminated Waste

There are materials that can be harmful and any exposure can cause you to be at risk. All our teams are trained in dealing with any of these materials or issues that may arise – some you may not even be wary of spotting.

Asbestos is one of the main substances of contaminated waste that is regularly found throughout Australia. Exposure to harmful substances can cause life-threatening illnesses if simply just inhaled.

For health and safety reasons, it is best to have your waste regularly removed by the experts to avoid any exposure or harm to you and your family.

We are fully trained and qualified with asbestos awareness if you are interested in doing your course follow the link below!

Other items

Some other items that are priced separately include (per cubic metre unless specified otherwise)

  • Polystyrene $420
  • Tree Stumps (over 0.5m in any direction) $80 per tree strump
  • Mattresses $100 per mattress
  • Tyres TBA
  • Batteries 5 per item

The above items are categorised separately as they must be accounted for differently in regards to their disposal. For instance, polystyrene is non-biodegradable and harmful to the environment thus has a higher rate present. Where it can be avoided – we recommend to reduce or eliminate use of this material where options are available to help save our environment.  Mattresses are charged at higher rate due to the extra work involved in breaking the product down, due to its fibres and springs being caught in sorting machinery.

Here at All Trash Oz we strive to achieve the lowest possible rates for your convenience.

Even with industry fluctuation and government levies always rising, our Research & Development team are continuously looking for the most cost effective and environmentally friendly solution for your waste removal needs.

To get the process started, you can give us a call or send us an email and we will endeavour to answer straight away. If we miss your call, please send a text so we can get back to you as soon as possible. By leaving your details with as much information as you can, we are able to provide a more accurate response!

It can sometimes be difficult to provide accurate quotes over the phone, although with pictures or videos these can assist our process! If the information is too vague to quote via phone or email, no need to stress as we can provide an on-site quote FREE of charge.

For smaller scale jobs, we generally provide a quote on the spot!

At All Trash Oz we don’t just endeavour to keep our prices as low as we can, we inspire happiness and make people smile through our work!!

From the beginning, you will be greeted by our friendly team who will look after you right till the end.

For health and safety, it is always best to have your waste removed by the experts! We can assist professionally saving you time and money by doing all the hard yards for you.

Why Choose All Trash OZ?

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